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Group Streetlight Monitoring (GSM Based)

Insu Group streetlight monitoring system (GSM) is our latest product specially developed for energy saving in conventional street light systems. By using this controller you can save up to 41 % energy by reducing the power at midnight (Considering 50 % reducing time). The specialty of power saving mode is uniform lighting thought street lighting which save power and yet avoid dark spots on road. Day light power saving scheme can also save some more energy. Apart from energy saving this can also save manpower, operating cost and can reduce manual-operating errors. This controller is programmed on longitude & latitude base for the whole year for sunrise and sunset timings. Sunrise and sunset time changes on day to day basis and in one month there is a time change of about 30 minutes. For entire year sunrise and sunset time changes by about 190 minutes. With these much change of time a conventional timer will not serve the purpose. It can save energy up to 8 % against conventional manual operation, Photo sensors or conventional timers. Our controller incorporates a real time clock with in built battery backup for minimum 8 years. There is no need to reprogram the controller even if supply fails for long duration.

Energy savings combined with reduced maintenance costs are prime benefits of street light control and management. SCADA software named Citylight is based on advanced use of global technologies such as GSM & real time embedded systems.

Group Streetlight Monitoring (LAN Based)

With all the features of Group Street light Monitoring (GSM Based), we further moved to LAN based Streetlight monitoring and control system for Large plants in remote areas, where GSM connectivity is not as reliable as we have in cities. The modifications are as below.

1.We can Remotely monitor and control the Intelligent street light feeder pillar via web-site with user friendly web interface.

2. SMS alert on required mobile number on pre-defined events, like Short circuit, Over current... etc.

3. LAN connectivity to every feeder pillar instead of GPRS/GSM connectivity.

4. All feeder pillars connected to the local server with 24x7 internet connectivity.

5.Java application on local server will handle data from feeder pillar and pass it to our web-server.

6. Above two step will replace the requirement of GPRS connectivity requirement and communicate directly to website.

7. Authorized user can access connected feeder pillar via website using laptop / tablet / mobile.

Lamp Monitoring System

Instruments Universal’s revolutionary Lamp monitoring and controlling System can upgrade regular street light to a “smart” street light in existing equipment. The Insu LC Nodes provide real-time monitoring and control of street lights in lighting networks both large and small. A full suite of control features include remote on/off, dimming, scheduling, daylight harvesting, emergency management and smart grid demand / response energy management. Enhanced fault monitoring and management are standard features allowing retrieve real-time power consumption data and lamp light levels from a central server accessible via a secure web connection. Lamp controller consists of advance microcontroller base systems with analog inputs and RF communication systems. The communication systems are designed on advance wire less mesh network technology. . Lamp controller incorporated with measurement of individual lamp load amps, Lamp Amps, KW, KWH, lamp Burning Hours, PF, etc. Lamp controller is used for ON and OFF lamp, Dimming Control ( 0 to 10 Volt ) for dimmable ballast. Lamp control send data to main systems via wireless communication.

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