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Features & Benefits

  • Smart City Compatible, Suitable for all LED, induction, high pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor street lights
  • Detailed Energy consumption reports for Smart Street light Management
  • Remote dynamic dimming and daylight harvesting
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart grid ready demand / response energy management for Smart Cities.
  • Light node profiles can be defined on individual module basis
  • Easy to install - add on to existing system.
  • Instant alerts and notifications via text message (Feeder level, settable)
  • Enhanced fault management and diagnostics
  • Long wireless control network coverage range
  • Automatic report generation
  • Web based GUI management
  • Multiple access levels with password protection
  • Real-time GIS (geographical information system) synchronization
  • Active Google map visualization

Smart Lighting Solutions For Smart Cities, Simplified

Instruments Universal redefined outdoor lighting controls by providing a complete transformation in the way street lighting maintenance is performed - most notably is its ease of installation (programming and commissioning), compatibility with existing circuits and wiring, energy benefits and data management as well as its immediate response to street lighting failures and reporting capabilities.

A number of drivers are causing cities, counties, and states to better control their street lighting networks:

  • Rapidly increasing price of electricity – Dimming & scheduling will help to lower electricity expenses
  • Real-time monitoring – Reduced operating cost will save millions of citizen money on maintenance
  • Energy conservation, management, and demand/response programs (Smart Grid initiatives)
  • More security and safety
  • Efficient budget management
  • Adaptive roadway lighting
  • Smart grid integration
  • The Street Light Control System offers a quick and easy solution for new or existing street light networks
  • A single internet connected network gateway can control up to 400 nodes
  • Self registering offers worry free installation experience, instant Access and Visibility
  • Safe and secure web based interface grants instant access to your networks
  • Google Maps integrations provides click and control access to individual lights, set groups or the entire network
  • Dimming & scheduling based on custom schedule or Astronomical timing based
  • Utility grade metering, allows accurate measuring and reporting for energy usage and cost analysis. (xxxxxxxx standards)
  • Color coded icons indicate operational performance over the last 24 hours
  • Luminary mapping tool allows users to pinpoint outages quickly and easily and navigate directly to the pole that needs attention

A complete System Approach to Street Light Control and Monitoring

  • Tool less installation of nodes, no additional wiring required
  • Self registering nodes blink each street light to ensure it has been connected to and identified by the network
  • A variety of mounting options provides easy installation in a variety of applications and scenarios
  • Gateway connection via a wide variety of options including Ethernet, 2G, 3G
  • Highly scalable, cost effective, self-healing mesh RF communications network allows for flexible and worry free implantation

Safe Secure and reliable

  • As new nodes are installed they automatically connect to the existing networks. This reduces the effort required to set up a new network or add extra nodes to a new network.
  • Street Light failures are quickly identified and text or email alerts notify the system’s administrator
  • Secure, intuitive, web-based user experience provides access from multiple locations

Accurate Data Management for Increased Visibility and Savings

  • Real-time monitoring ( up to once per 15 seconds) reduces operating cost and allows for instant GPS accurate on screen notifications of issues
  • Budgeting and forecasting - kWh usage predictions based on real historical data
  • Generate user configurable reports detailing Volts, Amps, cumulative Watt hours, power factor, VAR, and cost via reports
  • Backup power for fault reporting Receive and store critical data and fault information at onset of power outages

Easy to install major components: Node, Network Gateway and Network Manager

  • A self-healing mesh RF communications network is used for controlling and Monitoring street lights
  • The service provider can access the network and send commands to the controlled Fixtures via the Internet from any location
  • The secured network can be remotely accessed and configured from the graphical user friendly Network Manager

Mesh Networking

  • Mesh Network (2.4GHz, 900MHz IEEE 8021.15.4 Open Protocol)
  • Insu Street Light Control System provides a simple and reliable, highly scalable cost effective street lighting management solution
  • The self forming self healing nodes in the mesh network adjust their communication paths on the fly, increasing system robustness
  • As new nodes are installed they automatically connect to the existing networks. This reduces the effort required to set up a new network or add extra nodes to a new network
  • If a node becomes damaged or otherwise unable to communicate, links to that node can be automatically rerouted so that other nodes on the network do not lose connectivity